Three Secrets of Marketing:

  1. You must be committed. Commit the money and leave it alone. Plant the seeds that will grow later.
  2. You must be consistent. The marketing message must constantly be reinforced. Your customers will forget you if they don't hear from you.
  3. You must be confident. Most marketing plans take at least 60-90 days to produce even minimum results. Be patient.

Know Your Audience

Don’t address the sea of 500,000 nameless and faceless people. In your ads, brochures, mailings, etc., pick one customer you know and like, and write the copy to that individual as though you were sitting down and having a conversation about your business.

Give Your Customers More

Good service generally goes unnoticed, and does not receive a comment. Exceptional service does; so does exceptionally poor service. People always feel good about getting that extra little "something".

Develop a Follow-up System

Most prospects won’t buy the first time they hear about your product or service. You can increase your total sales by 50% or more if you periodically follow-up with them. Your follow-up procedure can be as simple as contacting previous prospects every month or two with a new offer. Get each prospect’s first name so you can personalize your follow-up message.

Information is power!

Make it your business to know what business information is available, where to get it and most importantly, how to use it.

Mini-Marketing Plan

  • Find Them - Identify and segment your customers.
  • Get Them - Deliver a motivating market message.
  • Sell Them - Closing the sale.
  • Keep them - Retain your existing customers.