Promotion of New Classes and Events

There are a number of college venues for faculty and staff to promote new classes and events.

Department News on the website

Please contact Danny DeHaze


Please contact Tiffany Prince with the verbiage and date for publication.


Please Tiffany Prince with the verbiage (no more than 140 characters) and date for publication.

Reader Boards on Campus

  1. Save as a 2003 version Powerpoint
  2. Slide dimensions: 10" X 5.63" (this can be done in the design tab under page set up)
  3. Keep the text simple and easy to read
  4. Do not use any textures for backgrounds
  5. Keep in mind that each slide runs for 10 seconds, so be concise
  6. Send the Powerpoint file to Courtney Judah (include preferred dates to run)


Please make sure that your flyer contains the following:

  • Event name and brief description
  • Event date and time using AP style
  • Campus physical address and event location (building, room, etc.)
  • Contact information for the individual and/or sponsoring department
  • The college website address
  • The full name of the college at least once
  • Usage of fonts, logos, tagline, colors and all other brand elements in the Style Guide
  • ADA/EOE statements

For assistance, please contact Jensi Smith.