Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) offers a career ladder program for individuals who want to become licensed practical nurses or registered nurses. After successfully completing the required credits of the first year of the Nursing program, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. Completion of this level qualifies you to apply to the Oregon State Board of Nursing to take the exam to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

An associate degree in nursing is earned after completion of the second year of coursework which qualifies you to apply to the Oregon State Board of Nursing to take the exam to become a registered nurse (RN).


Cumulative college G.P.A. of 3.0 or greater; completion of the following with a grade "C" or better within the past five years: MTH 95, WR 121, CH 121, BI 231; if the math and/or writing are older than three years, you must take a college placement test and test in WR 121 and MTH 111. Admitted and wait listed students must complete NUR 60 in summer term following acceptance/wait list.


Course Name Credits
NUR 110 Nursing I: Fundamentals of Nursing 10
NUR 111 Nursing II: Care Across the Lifespan 10
NUR 112 Nursing III: Obstetrics & Chronic Healthcare 10
NUR 210 Nursing IV: Psychiatric & Complex Acute Care 9
NUR 211 Nursing V: Emergent Healthcare 9
NUR 212 Nursing VI: Preceptorship 9
Name Title Email Phone
Angela Johnston Angela Jones Nursing & Health Occupations Administrative Assistant (541) 506-6141
Dawn Agidius Dawn Agidius Clinical Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6146
Doris Jepson Doris Jepson Nursing Instructor/Director of Nursing and Health Occupations (541) 506-6140
Erinn Quinn Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6141
Galina Oleynik Clinical Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6141
Gillian Nelson Clinical Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6141
Griselda Manzo De Garcia Griselda Manzo De Garcia Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6141
Gwen Johnston Gwen Johnston Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6143
Jennifer Stager Jennifer Stager Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6163
Jessica Webb Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6141
Lori White Lori White Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6141
Lorie Saito Lorie Saito Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6146
Maureen Harter Maureen Harter Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6145
Mercedes Bolton Mercedes Bolton Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6148
Patricia Schluter Clinical Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6141
Seri Schutt Seri Schutt Nursing Instructor