Winter Safety Tips for Campus


Georgia Giacobbe
Facilities Services Administrative Assistant, (541) 506-6071

November 4, 2013

Be prepared

Winter will be fast approaching and the Safety Committee would like to remind you to be prepared for a safe and accident-free winter. The following list of precautions for your car may help you avoid dangerous winter situations.

  • Keep your vehicle winterized especially with proper antifreeze, good wiper blades, good battery, and snow tires or chains
  • Keep the gas tank as full as possible
  • Carry a winter car kit including matches and candles, first aid kit, shovel, jumper cables, sleeping bag or blankets and even kitty litter for traction
  • Keep your cell phone fully charged
  • Dress appropriately for the weather conditions and outdoor temperatures

For your personal safety

  • Slow down both driving and walking
  • Take your time entering and exiting your vehicle. Look for ice patches before you put your foot down.
  • Wear proper foot gear. Slick soled shoes and heels are dangerous on ice and snow.
  • Check the latest weather information

Before travelling to the college, check for announcements on the radio station, CGCC's web page, or check for a Flash Alert message for any status updates from the college which might affect your travel plans.