Thank You for Taking the Library Survey

April 23, 2014

Thank you to everyone who took the library survey

Our drawing winners were Cody Hipskind (student winner) and Michelle Bose (staff/faculty/community patron winner).

Survey Summary

Multiple-Choice Questions Summary

Summarized as charts
Next year, we will make the scales the same (1-5) instead of varying ones as there is this year.

Highlights of Open-Ended Questions

The topic most commented on was library hours, expressing the desire to have extended hours at both campuses. Longer hours on Friday and hours on the weekend were mentioned the most. We would like to have longer hours, but we need more staff to do so.

Also expressed were desires for more electrical outlets, more low-level readers for ESL, and more comfy chairs. Cheaper printing was mentioned, or to have at least more free printing for students; one instance citing tuition costs as a reason for free printing. There was a dislike of people eating chips and drink sodas at computer next to you, talking on their cell next to you and flip-flops. (We can work on the first two, but we can’t dictate what kind of shoes people wear.) There were mixed feelings on the textbooks; some people liked that the books were always there; other disliked not being able to take them home. We will work on trying to have a copy of all textbooks, as well as working with faculty to use open (i.e. free) resources.

Comments about Hood River: the collection is too small, increase HR book collection, increase reserve textbooks, want quiet study space at HR, students could use more weekend hours. Not enough computers at HR, especially busy weeks, such as the last 2 of the term. It would be helpful if a computer lab could be opened for the overflow. It would be nice to have staff in library at HR in mornings too; Rebecca is wonderful but we need someone in the mornings, too.

Regarding the question about the idea to consolidate tutoring services in the library, most of the comments were 1) questioning that there is enough space in the library and 2) wondering whether that would make the library too loud and crowded and that this would drive away other students who already use the library frequently. The positive note was saying that more exposure to the library would be good. Others gave caveats “that would be a good idea if there were room.” Several comments were along the lines of: “we’re fine where we are, why would we want to move.”

There were several comments regarding friendly and helpful staff for finding resources. One person said they love how we find books even if we don’t own it. Another said they like how someone always answers the line at The Dalles library. There is a desire to have librarians teach a class to help students learn how to use the Internet to do research, and also to improve the focus on the needs of the students.

Several comments fell outside the library purview, such as one about feeling that smoking takes place too close to building entrances.