Nursing and Medicine Research Guide


Academic Search Complete

Full text articles from journals, magazines and newspapers covering a broad range of subjects

CINAHL with Full Text

Full text nursing & allied health journal articles

Nota bene: If you use both the limiters "Approved Nursing Titles" and "Full Text", they get combined with "OR" instead of "AND". EBSCO has been notified of the problem, but it has not been fixed yet.

Nursing and Allied Health Collection

Full Text coverage of the nursing profession, direct patient care and health care administration 

Nursing Resource Center

Disease and drug overviews, care plans and animated anatomy and physiology diagrams database help tutorial


Scholarly articles and citations in life sciences; includes articles from Medline 

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Approved Nursing Journal List

The nursing program requires you to use articles from the a list approved by the nursing department. If you want to use an article that is not from a journal on the approved list, you must have instructor permission.

CGCC Nursing Approved Journal List (Revised August 25, 2014)
Find out if CGCC subscribes to a specific publication.


CGCC Nursing Department Writing Standards (Revised September 16, 2014)
General Interest vs. Scholarly
Nursing Research Tips Related: General Research Tips


Emergency Medicine

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)
National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue (NIUSR)


MedlinePlus en EspaƱol
State of Oregon: Public Health Division
World Health Organization (WHO)


American Nurses Association
National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA)
Oregon State Board of Nursing