First Disbursement Payment

October 4, 2013 (All day)

If a student is receiving financial aid in the form of scholarships, federal or state grants, loans (not first time) or agency funding, their aid will be posted and applied to their student account. After all funds are applied to the students account, any balance remaining will be sent to students on the dates listed above.

All refunds are mailed to the students address as listed on their student account.


  • If you drop class(es)
  • Or if you withdraw or stop attending…
  • Of if you do not earn any passing grades…

A portion of your financial aid may need to be returned!

You could be billed through your student account for aid you did not earn.  Student must complete 60% of a class during the term to qualify for financial aid./p>

Refer to our website - Withdrawls and Return of Title IV Funds Policy for detailed information.