Associate of Applied Science Degree

Credit Minimum: Dependent upon specific field of study
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The Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) is designed for students who complete approved coursework in professional/technical programs. The AAS is a state approved degree that is intended to prepare graduates for direct entry into the workforce. The AAS may also help to prepare students for career advancements, occupational licensure, or further study at the baccalaureate degree level.

Candidates for the AAS degree must satisfy the General Education Requirements and Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirements Limits and meet all the degree-specific requirements listed here.

Core Requirements

Requirements Credits Courses Which Satisfy Requirements
Writing 4 WR 121 (with a grade “C” or better) or passing a lower division collegiate writing course for which WR 121 is prerequisite.
Math 4 MTH 65 (with grade “C” or better) or a course with a prerequisite of MTH 65 or higher.
General Education 16 Choose from approved General Education Electives.

Requirements for AAS degree

  • Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirements Limits
  • The final 16 credits that apply to the degree must include at least 8 credits at CGCC that apply to the specific program requirements, excluding courses used solely for the General Education requirements. (Students may apply to the department chair for waiver of this requirement if they can demonstrate currency in the field.)
  • Twenty-four of the credits from CGCC must apply to the specific program requirements excluding courses used solely for the General Education requirements.
  • No more than 3 credits of physical education (PE) may be applied.
  • All AAS candidates must complete a program of approved course work in the major field. (See the specific program of study pages.)

General Education Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of 16 credits of General Education taken from the list of approved courses. These credits must come from courses taken in the following categories:

  • Arts & Letters
  • Social Sciences
  • Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science

The 16 credits must include at least one course with a minimum of three credits from each category. No more than two courses may come from courses required by specific programs.

Students should consult an advisor for advices on General Education courses appropriate to their goals and interests.

General Education requirements will be waived for students who enroll at CGCC with an AA, AAS, AGS, AS, BA, BS degree or higher from a regionally accredited United States institution. Program specific General Education requirements for AAS degrees will not be waived.