Introduction to Green Technologies

Course Number: GT 106
Transcript Title: Intro to Green Technologies
Created: September 1, 2012
Updated: April 3, 2015
Total Credits: 2
Lecture Hours: 20
Lecture / Lab Hours: 0
Lab Hours: 0
Satisfies Cultural Literacy requirement: No
Satisfies General Education requirement: No
Grading options: A-F (default)
Repeats available for credit: 0
Approved delivery mode: online


Course Description

Students will be introduced to economic and environmental considerations for selecting appropriate green technologies and techniques to compare technology options. Technologies in the areas of energy production, transportation, electrical systems, building systems, and agriculture will be examined. Emphasis will be on identifying and selecting appropriate and cost-effective tolls and technology solutions across multiple industries and sustainable decision making. Prerequisites: GT 101.

Intended Outcomes

  1. Ability to discuss the impact of various energy uses on the environment in the short term and long term.
  2. Ability to discuss the need to consider both economic and environmental issues in the selection of technologies.
  3. Ability to estimate energy consumption and environmental impacts of various green technologies.
  4. Ability to estimate energy production potentials and environmental impacts of various green technologies.
  5. Ability to conduct a basic cost/benefit comparison of technology options.
  6. Ability to discuss the importance of life cycle analysis of technologies.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  1. Intelitek on-line activities including end of section tests and final evaluation.
  2. Instructor generated evaluation including tests and projects.
  3. Hands on evaluation.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

  • Energy consumption - transportation and building systems
  • Energy consumption - electronics and electrics
  • Energy consumption - food and agriculture
  • Energy productions - wind and solar
  • Energy productions - hydroelectric and wave/tidal
  • Energy productions - geothermal and other emerging technologies
  • Environmental impacts - resource consumption
  • Environmental impacts - carbon dioxide and other byproducts
  • Estimation of costs and benefits
  • Life cycle considerations