Introduction to Industrial Sustainability

Course Number: GT 101
Transcript Title: Intro to Indust Sustainability
Created: March 16, 2012
Updated: April 3, 2015
Total Credits: 3
Lecture Hours: 30
Lecture / Lab Hours: 0
Lab Hours: 0
Satisfies Cultural Literacy requirement: No
Satisfies General Education requirement: No
Grading options: A-F (default)
Repeats available for credit: 0
Approved delivery mode: online

Course Description

Students explore a broad overview of sustainability and environmental engineering. Students learn the principles, concepts, and technology of alternative resources including power production by wave energy, wind energy, solar energy, hydrogen-fuel devices and other emerging alternative power generation systems. Students learn the basics of sustainability in an industrial context, including energy conservation, waste reduction and preventive maintenance.

Intended Outcomes

  1. Identify the major alternative energy producing resources.
  2. Describe the advantages and/or disadvantages of various alternative energy production systems.
  3. Identify major technologies used in alternative energy producing resources.
  4. Apply strategies for determining which alternative energy resources to use in various applications.
  5. Describe the importance of sustainable industrial practices for maintain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  1. Intelitek on-line activities including end of section tests and final evaluation.
  2. Instructor generated evaluation including tests and projects.
  3. Hands on evaluation.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

  • Basics of industrial sustainability
  • Basics of environmental engineering
  • Overview of solar and wind
  • Overview of bio-mass and bio-fuel
  • Principles of wave energy
  • Hydrogen-fuel production
  • Overview of sustainability in production/operations and repair/maintenance systems at industrial, small business and farm levels
  • Fundamentals of waste reduction and process improvement
  • Lean technology
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of alternative energy production systems