Literature of the Pacific Northwest

Course Number: ENG 214
Transcript Title: Lit of the Pacific Northwest
Created: September 1, 2012
Updated: June 6, 2017
Total Credits: 4
Lecture Hours: 40
Lecture / Lab Hours: 0
Lab Hours: 0
Satisfies Cultural Literacy requirement: No
Satisfies General Education requirement: Yes
Grading options: A-F (default), P-NP, audit
Repeats available for credit: 0

Prerequisite / Concurrent

Course Description

Examines fictional, non-fictional, and poetic works by Northwest writers. Emphasizes relationship between Northwest writing and Northwest social, cultural and physical environments. Prerequisite/concurrent: WR 121. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Draw on textual evidence, Northwest physical environments and cultures to convincingly establish there is a literature of the Pacific Northwest.
  2. Identify and explain themes and issues prevalent in Northwest literature
  3. Write clear, focused, coherent essays about literature for an academic audience, using standard English conventions of grammar and style.

Alignment with Institutional Core Learning Outcomes

In-depth 1. Communicate effectively using appropriate reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. (Communication)


2. Creatively solve problems by using relevant methods of research, personal reflection, reasoning, and evaluation of information. (Critical thinking and Problem-Solving)
3. Extract, interpret, evaluate, communicate, and apply quantitative information and methods to solve problems, evaluate claims, and support decisions in their academic, professional and private lives. (Quantitative Literacy)


4. Appreciate cultural diversity and constructively address issues that arise out of cultural differences in the workplace and community. (Cultural Awareness)

Not Addressed

5. Recognize the consequences of human activity upon our social and natural world. (Community and Environmental Responsibility)

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  • Discussion forums
  • Mini Essays
  • Final Essay

Course Activities and Design

This online course has 11 modules, each of which includes a lecture, a discussion forum, and a self-assessment. Students write mini essays in selected weeks and a final essay at the end of term.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

This course examines the question, Is there a literature of the PNW, distinct and unique from literatures of other regions?  Through this question, we examine the characters, themes, issues and styles of PNW fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  We examine the physical, cultural and social environments that have given rise to this literature.  We learn skills of literary analysis in both verbal and written forms.