Parents and Families FAQ

How will I know my child is safe?

Your role does not end when you have selected a provider for your child. You need to visit the child care provider often and at times when you are not expected. If your child is old enough, ask them about their day and listen to see if they are active, engaged and happy to be there.

Visit the Office of Child Care website to see if your provider has had any founded complaints or non-compliances or call the Oregon Early Learning Division at 1-800-556-6616.

What are the types of licensed care in Oregon?

In Oregon there are three types of licensed child care:  Registered Family Child Care, Certified Family Child Care and Certified Child Care Centers. Preschools in Oregon are not licensed, but are required to be recorded. This means that their staff have had a background check and the program has completed the Recorded Preschool application.

Learn more about the types of child care in Oregon including child care provider licensing requirements.

What is Child Care Resource and Referral?

Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (CCR&Rs) are programs that provide information to parents on choicing quality child care; training, technical assistance and coaching to child care providers; collect data on child care; and advocate for the early learning community. There are currently 12 community-based CCR&Rs in Oregon receiving state funding. All 12 CCR&Rs are supported by Central Coordination of Oregon Child Care Resource and Referral in the Center on Early Learning at The Research Institute at Western Oregon University. 

The Child Care Resource and Referral System also includes 211 Info, and the Oregon Center on Career Development in Childhood Care and Education at Portland State University.

Who do I call if I think my provider is not following the rules?

Call the Office of Child Care at 1-800-556-6616.