3rd Annual Early Childhood Mini Conference

March 16, 2013, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Register: Online or call 541-506-6011 (The Dalles), 541-308-8211 (Hood River)
Cost: Varies by class

Select from Session One - A or B1 & B2

A. Time-Out or Not to Time-Out, That is the Question?

Time-outs...are they a good thing or a bad thing? Join us as we discuss the merits and issues with time-outs; when separating a child from a situation is appropriate and what an appropriate time-out or take a break might look like. We will examine the nature of time-outs and how they can guide and influence behavior, both in negative and positive ways. We will develop an age and developmentally appropriate plan for the children and youth in your program that will assist you in guiding behaviors, both good and challenging.

This is a Set Two class.

CKC: Understanding and Guiding Behavior

B1. Fire Extinguisher Use

Staff from Mid-Columbia Fire Department will present information on types and uses of fire extinguishers. Participants will get the opportunity to practice using an extinguisher.

This is a Set One class

CKC: Health, Safety and Nutrition

B2. Early Childhood Educator Survival Guide

Everyday is a new adventure for early childhood educators.  Some adventures are full of "ah ha" moments, sweet smiles and messy art. Other adventures are full of screaming children, upset parents, long hours and little appreciation. This workshop will provide participants the opportunity to reflect on what depletes their vitality as an educator and provides tips to reduce stress, revitalize and recharge.

Select one from Session 2: C or D

C. Language & Literacy

Let's explore some favorite books and new ones too! In this workshop we will look at how preschool children develop language and what providers can do to support literacy development. Come ready to participate as we play games, read stories and share favorite activities!

This is a Set Two class.

CKC: Learning, Environments, and Curriculum

D. Secret Garden to Synapses

The importance of play tends to be underestimated, to be considered unnecessary rather than essential to a child's development. This training will explore play and its influences on child development. Participants will examine the link between play, the outdoors, and the brain; and develop strategies for including nature into everyday play.

This is a Set Two class.

CKC: Human Growth and Development, Learning, Environments and Curriculum