Renewable Energy Technology Alumni Testimonials

RET graduates are prepared to work in a broad range of industries including renewable energy, automated manufacturing, and engineering. Here are just a few examples of the diverse places where alumni work:


Ashton Thurneyssen, 2011 RET graduate

Assistant Regional Operations Manager for SolarCity

"The RET program provided the technical knowledge, hands-on training, and personal connections that have helped me build my career. Working in solar, I can easily relate the differences between DC and AC power, and be able to tell our installers and customers the ins and outs of how a photovoltaic (PV) system works. My RET degree has also helped when troubleshooting equipment, designing systems, and leading in-house trainings.”


Wes Bliven, 2011 RET graduate

Senior Technician for Leaning Juniper Wind Farm near Arlington, Oregon

"During my time at CGCC, I most enjoyed learning about electronics and renewable energies. The RET program provided the foundation I needed to understand the wind industry and the equipment I work with as a Senior Wind Technician."


Kjell Sporseen, 2012 RET graduate

Production Floor Supervisor for an avionics product manufacturing company

"Reflecting on my experience at CGCC, what stands out is the quality of the instructors. Their patience and care help them to convey more than just the content of the textbooks. Although I chose a career in the aerospace industry, and not the renewable energy field, the troubleshooting concepts that I learned in the RET lab sessions are directly applicable to my daily work."


David Castle, 2012 RET graduate

Instrumentation Technician for a natural gas utility

"As an Instrumentation Technician, I use the fundamentals I learned through the RET program to ensure that all of the monitoring equipment for the natural gas distribution system is functioning properly. I was fortunate to work with many RET graduates after the program, and they all proved to be talented and dependable coworkers. The RET program was very beneficial to me—it got me where I wanted to go."


Grace Patton, 2013 RET graduate

Manufacturing Technician for an avionics product manufacturing company

"The RET program helped ignite a passion for troubleshooting and determining root causes of many technical and electronic problems. For my job, I diagnose and repair products, and this program equipped me with the confidence and problem solving skills to be a valuable asset to my employer."