Student Resources

Portfolio Requirement

Each student in the Early Childhood Education & Family Studies (ECE&FS) program will assemble a competency portfolio throughout their time in the program. This portfolio will be a collection of the student's class work that demonstrates their growth over time as an early childhood student. The CGCC Portfolio Handbook will serve as a guide as you develop your portfolio.

Practicum Requirement

Practicum (student teaching) is a required component of this program. Practicum allows students to develop skills in working with children in a group setting using developmentally appropriate methods. CGCC Practicum Handbook. Students are advised to begin gathering documentation early (well before practicum begins). Read over this Welcome Letter for what is required. Students who have not submitted the required documentation may not begin practicum. Check with advisors about turning in these documents.

Before students can begin practicum they must have:

Forms/other resources you will need: