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Federal regulations restrict the receipt of financial aid funds to attendance at one college.  Under certain conditions, students may be concurrently enrolled at two or more colleges, but may only receive aid at one.  This is an individual agreement between one student and more than one college, allowing CGCC to combine enrollment from multiple colleges and have one college pay financial aid based on the combined enrollment.  The first consideration should be to determine the “Home” college.  The Home college is the college at which the student will be receiving all of their aid for a given term.  The other college is referred to as the “Host” college. 

**NOTE:  Students receiving their aid from CGCC must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours at the time that they submit their Consortium Agreement.

Most colleges (as does CGCC) require that a student be enrolled for at least 6 credits before they will allow the student to declare it as a Home college.  If for example, a student is enrolled at CGCC for 6 credits and 3 credits at another college, by completing a CGCC Consortium Form for that term, CGCC will consider the student to be enrolled for 9 credits.  This will allow the student to be paid at the 3/4 time aid level rather than the 1/2 time level.  The same could apply in reverse.  A student taking 6 credits at another Home college, and 3 credits at CGCC, the Host college and be considered 3/4 time at the other college. 

Complete the following steps:

  • Complete a separate Consortium Agreement Form for each term of concurrent enrollment.
  • Obtain the Consortium Agreement Form from the college that will serve as the Home college.
  • Sign.  The Consortium Agreement Form must be signed by the Host financial aid office prior to being submitted to the Home college.
  • Submit.  At the end of each term, student must submit grades to the Home college from the Host college to determine that the student has maintained Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Please allow 7 – 10 business days for processing. Agreements cannot be processed the same day submitted.

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