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Before you begin exploring careers and trying to identify jobs and careers which will prove satisfying, you must first develop a true understanding of you--your skills, interests, values, and personality characteristic. We have some computer programs to help you understand how your skills, interests and personality fit into the world of work. The 2 credit Career Development class uses these computer tools as well as the “What Color is Your Parachute Workbook” to help students understand them selves.

Career Center Computer Programs:

  • Please Understand Me is a wonderful personality assessment. It is based on strengths and is a fun way to learn about yourself. The information helps you look at how you view the world, process information and problem solve. Combining this information with what you learn about occupations can give you insight into what types of work and work environments will work best for you. Please Understand Me is a DOS based program, meaning that once you open the program and make it fit the screen, the mouse will not work; you must use the keyboard!

  • CIS-IDEAS Assessment (EXPLORATION Tools) will list careers based on your interests.

  • Micro-Skills: this program will list occupations based on the skills you want to use in the future and how often you want to use that skill! This is an important distinction. As you do the program and place the skills in the category, keep in mind that “Very Most Satisfying” means the skills used constantly in an occupation; “Moderately Satisfying” means skills that you use nearly everyday; “Somewhat Satisfying” means skills you will use frequently, but not everyday.

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