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Whether you have just started your high school freshman year,

whether you are a sophomore, junior or senior, whether you dream about being a teacher, a musician, an engineer, a

nurse..........., let's say an astronaut or you simply want to talk to someone about your future – we are here to help you!

Expanded Options

Juniors and seniors in Oregon high schools can receive both high school and college credits for classes taken at CGCC. Most tuition, textbook costs, and class fees are paid by the school district, and transportation is paid by the student.

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High school students have the opportunity to earn transferable college credits while taking certain approved high school classes.

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Running Start

Juniors and seniors at a Washington high schools can start taking college classes through the Running Start Program. Under this program, the high school typically will pay for your tuition for college level work and you pay for books, fees and transportation.

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"What is it you are planning to do with your one wild and precious life?"


Meet with a CGCC advisor to discuss your educational and career goals.

Explore, create, find your career path!

Check out our Career Programs!

Did you know that by completing 2 first years of a bachelor's degree at CGCC you can save $8000 on tuition costs?

Contact us to learn more about transfer degrees.

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campus, yet?

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Scholarship for High School Students

Assistance with Financial Aid

We support your success!


Career and Technical Education Advisor

Michal Kawka

(Me-How Kafka)

541 506 6022


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Career and Academic Counselor

Ann Harris

541 506 6024



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