“Catch the Wave” at Columbia Gorge Community College


Welcome to another exciting term at Columbia Gorge Community College!


Earlier in the school year, I continually told my staff, “there is a wave coming, and we have got to catch it.” I can say now with confidence that we have caught that wave, and as summer comes closer, we invite all of you to ride this wave with us.


Riding the wave has made this past spring an exceptionally busy time for the college, and summer promises many more new challenges and exciting opportunities.  For example, we’ve recently had a successful accreditation review, been preparing for the upcoming sale of the bond, and creating a plan for our upcoming capital construction.


This summer we’ll be implementing a new administrative system and a new phone system which will help us to serve our students and community with increased quality and efficiency.  At the end of the summer we’ll also officially open our new Nursing Simulation Center. 


This is truly an exciting time in the history of our college and our community!  Catch the wave and ride with us into a very promising future! 




Dr. Frank Toda

President, Columbia Gorge Community College











Board of Education

        Mike Schend, Chair


Charleen Cobb

Dave Fenwick

Dr. Ernest Keller

Christie Reed

M.D. Van Valkenburgh

Dr. James Willcox