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Columbia Gorge Community College Students Make a Difference

Join us for a monthly feature of exceptional Columbia Gorge Community College students and alumni making a difference in their own lives, improving the greater community, and working to make this world a better place.

January 2012

Israel Ayala Guevara

Associate of Science Oregon Transfer Degree – Business Management

Sometimes life takes an unexpected course, and Israel Ayala Guevara has been on a journey to chart his own professional future at Columbia Gorge Community College. Israel grew up in Mexico and Southern California, and he moved to The Dalles as an elementary-school student. Re-location to a rural community was difficult on a person that had grown up in culturally-diverse region. He kept himself busy by playing basketball, and he made plans to attend a large four-year university in Oregon. All of his plans came to a halt after a compound fracture kept him in the local community.”So I decided that I could – at the very least – continue my education right here at home where it might be more affordable”.


In many ways, he became empowered by his attendance at this small local school. “I did that by finding resources within [the community college], not only though staff and instructors, but also in the Small Business Development Center”. With help from the Center, he received a community loan to start a small business. He started a screen-printing company called Zink Clothing. His company specializes in printing apparel for businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations, and he hopes to grow this business to include online sales. Israel is currently working on his second business plan to start a mobile entertainment company. And it doesn't end there. Israel dreams of one day having his own restaurant or nightclub. If the recent past is any measure of success - this young man will have no problem reaching these and many more goals. Fortune 500, watch out!














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