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                  Degree Partnership Program




What is the Degree Partnership Program?


An opportunity for students to complete one application process for enrollment at Columbia Gorge Community College and Oregon Institute of Technology . The program is open to all students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree. Many students in the program also earn an associate’s degree on their way to obtaining their undergraduate degree. Once admitted into the OIT/CGCC Degree Partnership Program, students can combine their part-time coursework at both institutions to maintain their full-time status as a student, if desired.

What are the Benefits?

  •   One application process for CGCC and OIT
  •   Most affordable route to your degree
  •   CGCC and OIT advising available at either campus
  •   Increased flexibility in scheduling with access to more classes
  •   Opportunity to access services and participate in college life at both campuses:

                 Student intern program

                 Work-Study opportunities at CGCC and OIT

                 Student Health Services

                 Involvement in student activities (music, art, theater, and sports)

  •  Coordinated financial aid and scholarship opportunities
  •  Access to Library and computer lab resources at both campuses
  •  Access to a tutoring lab at both campuses
  •  Easier transition from community college to university


How do I apply?

Students can access an Admissions application online at:

OIT Admissions Application

How do I get more information?


Mike Taphouse:   (541) 506-6026

email:  mtaphouse@cgcc.cc.or.us       



Admissions:  (541) 885-1150  or 1-800-422-2017

Portland  (503) 725-3066 (East)      (503) 725-2133 (West)

email:  oit@oit.edu

Academic Advising :    (541) 885-1015

email:  oit@oit.edu

Transfer Eqivalencies:

Transfer Credit

Financial Aid and Scholarships: (503) 725-3461  or 1-800-547-8887  

Financial Aid


CGCC/OIT Degree Partnership Program

         Minimum Requirements for Admission Consideration

Admission Requirements

First Year Students

Transfer Students

Grade Point



       Minimum high school GPA of 3.0 or higher

       on a standard unweighted 4 point scale as

       calculated by the Office of Admissions

       at OIT.


        Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher for

        all previous college work.


        Eligible to return to most recent college or

        university attended.



        First year applicants must submit official

        Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American

        College Test (ACT) scores to the Office of

        Admissions at OIT.



        None required



        College Preparatory Subjects:

        English (4 years)

        Mathematics (3 years) including 1st year

        algebra and 2 additional years culminating

        at algebra II or higher.

        Social Studies (3 years) including U.S. History,

        1 global    studies, 1 social studies elective

        Science (2 years)  1 year each of two different

        sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.)


        Successful completion of no less than 36 quarter

        (24 semester) graded,  transferable credits.



Foreign Language Requirement


        Foreign Language (2 years) 2 years of the

        same high school level foreign language,

        or earning a grade of 'C-' or higher in the

        third year of high school level foreign

        language, or completing two quarters of

        the same college-level foreign language,

        or earning a satisfactory score on an

        approved assessment of foreign language

        knowledge.  Demonstrated proficiency in

        American Sign Language (ASL) is acceptable

        in meeting this requirement.



       Applicants who have graduated from high

       school in Spring 1997 or later have to meet

       the same foreign language requirement for

       First Year Admission.




        Provide documentation of Math Placement

        recommendation from CGCC, OIT, or last

        institution attended.


        Students who intend on taking WR 121 at

        CGCC must take the writing placement

         test, or submit a petition to waive the test.


        Provide documentation of Math Placement

        recommendation from CGCC, OIT, or last

        institution attended. It is recommended that the

        coursework include English composition and

        college level algebra.

        Students who intend on taking WR 121 at

        CGCC must take the writing placement test,

        or submit a petition to waive the test.


CGCC delivers college credit instruction, certificates and degrees through its contract with Portland Community College (PCC).  PCC is accredited through the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).  Credits, certificates and degrees earned at CGCC appear on PCC transcripts and are transferable to four year institutions, subject to the specific policies of those institutions.

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