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How Much Will My Tuition And Fees Cost?
Tuition and Fees for Credit Classes

Tuition $54 per credit

Service Fee, Credit Classes Only $8 per credit

Lab Fees - Check the course description in the schedule for lab fees specific to the class you are taking.

Late Registration Fee - $5 per credit after the first week of the term with the exception of classes starting later in the term.

Tuition and Fees for Non-Credit Classes
Non-credit and CEU classes are priced individually, are not eligible for financial aid and cannot be applied to CGCC certificates or degrees. For tuition and fees, check each course's listing in the schedule.

Discounts for Older Adults
If you are 62 or over when classes begin, you are eligible to receive a 50 percent tuition discount on both credit and non-credit classes.

The tuition discount does not apply to lab and other class fees. Certain classes may not allow tuition discounts. Check the course description for eligibility.

Discounts do not apply to full classes. You will be notified if the class is full and the tuition discount will not apply.

The discount may be requested at the time of payment or by calling 541-296-6182 ext. 3212.

When Is My Tuition Due?
Full payment or college-approved financial arrangements must be in place by the second Friday of the term. If you enroll after that date, payment is due within one week.

If you have financial arrangements that will not cover the full term charges, you must pay the difference by the due date.

We will mail a statement to you after you register. If you do not receive one, you may confirm your registration and determine your account balance by calling the cashier at 541-296-6182 ext. 3212. You must pay on time, even if you do not receive a statement.

Where Do I Pay?
The Business Office Cashier is open 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Payments may be mailed to the Business Office, Columbia Gorge Community College, 400 East Scenic Drive, The Dalles OR 97058.

What Are My Methods Of Payment?
Cash: U.S. funds only.

Checks: Personal checks, travelers’ checks, cashiers checks, and money orders accepted for the amount due only. Make payable to CGCC. Two-party, post-dated and altered checks will not be accepted.

A $25 returned check charge is assessed on any returned check used in payment of your account, whether written by you or another party.

Credit Cards:
VISA, MasterCard & Discover accepted.

How Can I Pay In Installments?

The 50/50 Plan allows you to pay half of your tuition and fees on the second Friday of the term, and defer the balance until the sixth Friday of the term. For Summer term 2004: Pay half by July 2 and the balance by July 30.

To qualify for the 50/50 payment plan, you must meet all of the following requirements: provide your valid social security number; have a satisfactory payment history, a zero account balance and have a completed 50/50 Payment Plan application on file in the business office for the current academic year. Forms are available at the business office. Important! The deadline to apply is the Friday before the term begins. Be sure to review the Terms and Conditions printed on the application form.

CGCC may deny or rescind a 50/50 Plan account if you miss the required payment due dates, provide inaccurate or incomplete information, have a poor credit history with the college, or do not meet the eligibility requirements.

How Do I Pay With My Financial Aid Award?

If you have received and returned your award letter, financial aid checks will be posted to your account beginning the fourth week of the term. If your award check exceeds your account balance, you may receive a refund check by mail.

If your award is not enough to cover all term charges, you must pay the difference by the second Friday of the term. If your aid is delayed, you will need to pay by this date. Any excess payment will be refunded after the award check has been posted to your account.

How Does My Company Or Agency Pay?
Arrangements for payment by an agency or company must be approved by the college before the term starts. Once arrangements have been made, take your payment authorization to the business office, or fax it to 541-506-2257 before the term begins.

The student is responsible to insure that a payment authorization is on file by the payment due date, and for payment of any unpaid charges and late payment penalties.

You must register for all classes, including wait-listed, open-entry and late-starting classes by the fourth week of the term. The college will not bill any additional charges after that date.

How Are Scholarships Applied To My Charges?
CGCC Foundation scholarship awards are applied directly to your account. Scholarship checks from private donors, service clubs, or schools are applied to your account. You are responsible for charges that exceed your award.

What Happens Is My Account Is Past Due?
Full payment of your account balance must be received when due. One week after the due date, a late payment penalty of 10 percent of your account balance, up to $75, will be assessed. At that time, a hold will also be placed, restricting future registration and transcripts.

When the term is over, past due accounts are referred to the Oregon Department of Revenue or another outside collection agency, and may be subject to additional collection charges, attorney fees and credit impairment.

If your account is repeatedly past due or has been in collections, the college may drop you from classes, or require you to pay future registration fees immediately upon enrollment.

The college reserves the right to institutionally withdraw you if your account becomes past due or has an unpaid balance from a prior term.

If you pay your past due account by check, any transcript requests will be delayed 15 days. To avoid this delay, please pay by cash or bank card.

What Are My Payment Responsibilities?
You are responsible for full payment of all charges on your account by the payment due date, even if your account is being paid by another party.

You are responsible for keeping CGCC informed of any address and telephone changes.

Even if you are under 18 years of age, you will be held liable for any charges on your account under ORS 348.105.

When you register for a class, you are liable for payment of the charges on that class, whether or not you attend. To have the charges removed, you must personally drop the class by the drop deadline.

How Do I Remove Tuition Charges From My Account?

Charges are applied to your account when you register for a class. All of the charges associated with a class will be removed if you submit your official drop to CGCC registration office. You must drop within the refund period. Drop requirements may vary for non-credit and CEU courses. No charges will be removed if you drop after the drop deadline. If an extreme hardship prevented you from continuing your studies through the term, you may request a tuition credit by filing a petition with the Dean of Student Services.

How Are Refunds Processed?
If your account has a credit balance in excess of $15, a refund will automatically be issued. If you have a credit balance of less than $15, you may request a refund by calling the Business Office at 541-296-6182 ext. 3212.

  • Refunds from tuition, fees and bookstore charges are first applied to outstanding charges on your account, even if payment is not yet due.

  • If the credit balance is the result of a payment by a personal check or cash, we will issue a check in your name.

  • If your credit balance is the result of a bank card payment, your refund will be applied to that same bank card account.

  • Refunds resulting from check overpayment are held two weeks from the date of the original payment.










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