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You have evaluated many aspects of your unique self: your interests, work values, skills and abilities, your personal values, and your life style considerations. In the section on Career Information and Research, you have expanded your career options and have learned how to investigate careers.

Now look at your list of career options in light of what you have learned to this point. Are your top career options consistent with your personal values, skills, interests, and life style? Are compromises necessary for you to meet your career goals?

Now that you have studied the results of your work for this class and weighted your list of career options, complete the Provisional Career Outline by answering the following questions. Remember: Answer each part of the question:

1. What are your life goals and career goals? Be specific in your response. Put a name to the position/occupation that you feel fits you best for your goals.

2. Where would you like to live and work? In what setting and geographical area would you be happiest?

3. For whom would you like to work? In what kind of organization would you feel most comfortable? Include elements about what kind of employer (size, purpose, type of work) you will work for and their mission.

4. What would you like the purpose of your work to be? Address your goal in working for such an organization or in such a position. What accomplishments would you like to look back on 10 years from now?

5. What interests and skills would you like to use in your career? Include what assets you will contribute to such an organization. What interests and skills would you like to reserve for your leisure and non-career activities?

6. What conflicts, if any, exist between your life style needs and your career options? For example, if a top need is money, will your career options provide this for you?

Next Steps
Now is the time to consider what your next steps need to be. Here are some suggestions:

  • If you feel you need more information about yourself, talk with Career Center staff about other assessment instruments that might be helpful. Just talking with someone might be helpful!

  • If you feel you need more information about occupations, continue to use the resources in the Career Center or Library, do more informational interviews, write agencies and professional organizations or use the Internet to find more information, network, etc.

  • If CGCC does not have an education program for you, write or call those schools that offer your major and ask them to send you information. If possible, visit the school and meet with a major department advisor (call for an appointment).

  • Take some CGCC classes that relate to your area of interest. An academic advisor can help you plan a schedule that meets your needs.

  • One of the best ways to make career decisions is to have some real-life experiences in a field that interests you. You can do volunteer work in the field or you could work in a paid, entry-level job in the field, then make some decisions about your next career steps.

    Remember, whatever your Next Steps, the counselors and staff in the Career Center are here to help if you need it! Best wishes on your journey . . . . .

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