online orientation

Are Online Courses for me?


Online learning is great for some, but not for everyone. Here are some preliminary questions to ask yourself to see if you and online learning are a good match. (Later you will have the opportunity to do a thorough assessment on how your computer skills stack up.)

Please answer each True/False question below. When you are finished, click Submit.



  1. I am comfortable with using computers.

  2. Yes No
  3. I have a computer, or am able to get access to one easily on a regular basis.

  4. Yes No
  5. I am able to access the Internet from my computer.

  6. Yes No
  7. I enjoy reading and have good reading skills.

  8. Yes No
  9. I am comfortable communicating in writing.

  10. Yes No
  11. I am fairly comfortable with typing.

  12. Yes  No
  13. I can dedicate approximately 6 hours per week per course (any time during the day or night) to my studies.

  14. Yes  No
  15. I am comfortable with downloading and installing software on my computer.

  16. Yes  No
  17. I am self motivated and able to work independently.

  18. Yes  No
  19. I am a procrastinator when it comes to schoolwork and deadlines.

  20. Yes  No
  21. I am comfortable with spending several hours at a time on a computer.

  22. Yes  No
  23. I am familiar with using E-mail and a web browser.

  24. Yes  No
  25. I don't mind it if I never actually meet my instructor or classmates in person.

  26. Yes  No
  27. I like the idea of not having to drive/commute to school.

  28. Yes  No
  29. I would like to take a class where I get regular personal feedback from my instructors.
    Yes  No
  30. I don’t mind asking questions when I have a problem or question.
    Yes  No
  31. I would like being able to go to class at times and locations that I choose instead of being tied to a set time and place.
    Yes  No
  32. I think it would be exciting to attend classes with people across the state, around the US and even in other countries.
    Yes  No
  33. New technologies requiring new approaches to learning and problem solving do not bother me.
    Yes  No
  34. I believe that high quality learning can take place without face-to-face interaction.
    Yes  No
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