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The Three Core Faculty Excellence Award Criteria:

1.  Innovation in Instruction   

Enriching the classroom with knowledge, experience, and vitality; demonstrating to a superior degree the characteristics of good college teaching: knowledge of subject, enthusiasm, clarity of presentation, ability to involve students, creativity, and student empathy.  Achieves high ratings for teaching.  Constantly strives to find effective ways to teach the subject.  Leadership among peers, sought out by others for advice on general academic matters or teaching methods, processes, or approaches.

2.  Commitment to Student Success 

Being a mentor to students and/or an exemplary advisor/counselor.  Providing service and special assistance to students.  Direct impact upon and involvement with students.  Specialized individual tutoring and instruction or promotion of methods that enhance a student’s understanding of and enthusiasm for the course material.  Ability to accommodate varying learning rates, styles, capabilities.  Generates excitement for learning.

3.  Contributions to Mission and Goals of the College 

Participation in community organizations/College committees/campus activities.  Evidence of exemplary service to the community.  Extended learning and teaching beyond the classroom into the community by involving students in special community activities appropriate to other required learning experiences.  Club work, involvement with student organizations.

Other Criteria that may also be considered:

  • Professional Achievement:  Achievements of scholarly activities such as publishing efforts, presentations to scholarly organizations or community groups, research and consulting workshops, or continuing education courses.  Evidence of excellence achieved in a faculty member’s area of responsibility.  Possession of high scholarly standards for both the rigor and currency of course content.  Service to professional organizations through holding office, committee work, etc.  Recognition by peers in the profession.
  • Commitment to Diversity:  Demonstrating a commitment and service to special student and community populations, either in a leadership role, contribution of time and energy, or promotion of diversity in the curriculum and classroom.  A demonstrated commitment to student success strategies for diverse student populations.
  • Cooperative Spirit:  Participates in a manner that is viewed by others as having a positive impact on his/her professional capacity at the College; strong interpersonal and cooperative skills.  Maintaining a positive learning environment inside and outside the classroom.  Makes positive contributions to the progress, well-being of his/her academic unit and of the College.  Builds and maintains self-esteem of others.
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