Scoring Guide for Writers’ Project

(4) Four
Meets requirements for a 3 and goes beyond, for example:
Student writing clearly and concisely demonstrates understanding of the Writers’ Project.
Answers to questions show connections and insights student makes between the people interviewed and the time in which they lived.
Writing demonstrates strong sentence fluency and word choice.
(3) Three
Through thorough answering of questions, student demonstrates understanding of the purpose, funding source and accomplishments of the Writers’ Project. 
At least ten people have been researched and recorded. Student answers questions 3B & C in paragraphs and demonstrates understanding of how these lives were affected by the time in which they lived. 
Few errors of convention.
(2) Two
Most questions are answered, but demonstrate limited understanding of the purpose, funding or accomplishments of the Writers’ Project.
Student may not have completed questions for all ten people required. Student might use phrases to answer questions 3B & C rather than complete sentences and paragraphs.
Errors of convention begin to distract reader.
(1) One
Student demonstrates little or no understanding of the Writers’ Project. 
Many questions are left unanswered, or student answers questions for only a few people, rather than researching the ten required. No attempt is made to write in complete sentences and paragraphs. 
Little attention is paid to conventions.