Ideas and Content




Meets criteria for a 3 and goes beyond, for example:
Offers insight into the topic discussed.
Narrative is written so that reader experiences a sense of investigation and discovery.
Narrative is so thorough that reader is left with no questions.


Writer uses varied and effective transitions between ideas paragraphs and section.
Paragraph order contributes to an effective discussion.
Paragraphs are carefully and thoroughly developed.


Writing demonstrates strong control of standard writing conventions and uses them effectively to enhance communication.
Errors are so few that they do not impede readability.


Informative and displays evidence of critical thinking about questions posed.
Main points are supported with examples and evidence.
Narrative form records the steps of the process.
Each required section is thoroughly written.
Transitions clearly connect ideas, paragraphs and sections.
Paragraphs are fully developed.
Paragraph order contributes to discussion


Writing demonstrates control of standard writing conventions.
Minor errors while perhaps noticeable, do not impede readability.


Information is weak ; student presents answers to questions but little thought or response to questions is evident
Main points lack support.
Student might not use narrative form, but rather just list answers to questions.
The paper is written in three sections, but they are not equally complete or well-handled.
Transitions might be present between ideas, paragraphs and sections, but they are quite mechanical and bland.
Paragraphs are not fully developed.
Paragraph order is somewhat confusing.


Writing demonstrates limited control of standard writing conventions.
Errors begin to impede readability.


Very little information is gained from reading this paper. Writer displays no evidence of critical thinking.
No support for main points.
Student did not follow guidelines for narrative form.
The paper is overly general or superficial and the three sections are not developed.
Writer uses no transitions.
Paragraphs are not developed.
Poor organization of paragraphs may cause the reader to have problems understanding the paper.


Writing demonstrates little control of standard writing conventions.
Frequent, significant errors impede readability.


*If you wish to use this paper for your portfolio, it needs to be scored with the Official State Writing Scoring Guide