Task 8: Exhibit Visit

Visit one of the following area sites:
Columbia Gorge Discovery Center
Ft. Dalles Museum
Hood River County Historical Museum
Maryhill Museum of Art
Wasco County Historical Museum
Hutson Museum (Parkdale)
Gilliam County Historical Society (Condon)
Gorge Heritage Museum (Bingen)
Look at exhibits at this site and answer these questions:
  1. How does the layout enhance or detract from the content of the display?
  2. What is the relationship between text and graphics?
  3. In what ways does color or lack of color affect the display?
  4. How does the sequencing and organization of information help the viewer interpret the display?
  5. Read the labels. What is the average word length of each label?
  6. Do you see any convention errors?   If so, record them.
  7. How do these errors affect your response to the exhibit?