Task 5: Editorial Reading and Analysis

Find 4 editorials on a topic of interest to you. Make a copy of each editorial to work with. Complete the following activities
  1. Highlight the main point, or thesis, of each editorial. With a different color, highlight each of the supporting points.
  2. Compare the patterns of the editorials. Is each main point in the same place in the editorial (such as in the first paragraph or the last paragraph?)? Which pattern seems most effective to you? Why?
  3. Circle any phrases or words that are particularly powerful or create strong visual images.
  4. Draw a star at the top of the editorial that seems to be the most effective and convincing. How did the author convince you?
Find 2 political cartoons that address the same topic as 2 of the editorials you used for this activity. The Internet, news magazines and newspapers are all good sources.
  1. Briefly explain the point each cartoonist is trying to make.
  2. Is each cartoon effective? Why or why not?