Task II: Research Diagram

Create a Venn diagram that includes four circles, rather than the traditional two. Each circle will represent one of the following philosophies/movements:
  1. Progressivism
  2. Capitalism
  3. Communism
  4. Socialism

Use words, symbols, pictures or a combination of words, symbols and pictures to answer the following questions about each philosophy. Place the ideas that are the same for all four philosophies in the sections of the diagram that overlap.

  1. Explain the essence of each philosophy. What does each mean?
  2. What were the main values of each philosophy during this time period?
  3. What changes did each movement hope to facilitate?
  4. What changes did the movement actually accomplish?
  5. To what types of people (class, occupation, etc.) did each philosophy appeal?
Make a 5-10 minute presentation to your instructor that interprets and explains your diagram.