1.    Do the writing exercises found on page 53.

2.    Reread the first two paragraphs of "A Worn Path."  Write at least two paragraphs of your own that could be the beginning of a story.  Set the story in a place you know well--preferably a scene you remember from early childhood.  Introduce the main character of your story somewhere within the first two paragraphs.

3.    Write a short story based on a memorable event from your childhood.  Write it as a first-person narration.   Rewrite the story as though it happened to someone else.  Use a third-person point of view.

4.    Unit 4, Everyday Use, the story ends just after Wangero and Hakim-a-barber leave.  The author has never let you like these two characters for  a moment all during the story.  Write a conversation that takes place between Wangero and Hakim-a-barber as they are learning.  Write the conversation so that your readers will continue to dislike Wangero and Hakim-a-barbar.  Rewrite the conversation so that your readers will like Wangero and Hakim-a-barber a little better.

5.    Writing Exercise, page 195.  Choose two of the situations and follow the directions.

6.    No Assignment

7.    Writing Exercises, page 270.

8.    Writing Exercise, page 301

9.    Writing Exercise, pages 322-333

10.    No Assignment

11.    Complete one of the following:

  1. Tell about a conflict or problem in your life or one that you have read about.  Show how that a problem is common enough in the world to be called a theme.
  2. Tell about someone you know, or about a character you know from fiction or nonfiction reading, who represents an important idea to you.

12.    Write on each of the following questions.

  1. Describe how you feel when sitting in a doctor's waiting room.  How do you size up people there?
  2. What is your opinion of the racial slurs and results in the story?  Why do you think O'Connor uses racist characters?
  3. Do you think Mrs. Turpin will be a different woman as a result of her experience?  Explain your opinion.  If you think she will be different, tell how you think she will be different.  If you think she won't, what makes you feel she won't?