Literature Course

Best Short Stories

Text:  Best Short Stories 2nd Edition

Welcome to the Learning Center.  The class you are taking is a supervised independent study course.  You are responsible for setting your own pace and also for securing the help you need.  It is important to read the following points carefully.

A.  Follow this process for completing each unit.

    1. Read the assigned unit.

    2. Complete the student worksheet for each unit.  Be sure to complete ALL the questions.  Incomplete worksheets will be returned ungraded.

    3. Do the written assignment for the chapter.

    4. When you have finished the student handout and written assignment, place it in your folder and turn in to an instructor to be graded.  If you have problems with any of the coursework at any time make sure you ask for assistance.

    5. Take the unit test.  Place the test in your folder and turn in to an instructor to be graded.

    6. Check your returned folder for scores.  Ask an instructor to see your graded tests.

B. The authors of the short stories in your textbook have written numerous types of literature.  Choose two additional stories, poems, or books by one or two of the authors.  After reading your selection, complete the report form.  Both the college and public libraries can assist you in finding these author's work.

C.  Homework assignments and tests cannot be redone for  higher score.  Book reports and writing assignments may be redone.  The two scores will be averaged.

DYour grade will be based on the following:

        12 Unit tests - 15% of grade

        12 Unit worksheets - 50% of grade

        10 Writing Assignments - 20% of grade

          2 Reports - 15% of grade

Grading Scale:    92-100% = A

                                84-91% = B

                                75-83% = C

                                65-74% = D

E. You must return your textbook to receive a grade.