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Diane Uto


Diane Uto (pronounced “Utah”) is an instructor of communication studies at Columbia Gorge Community College in The Dalles. She is also a corporate trainer at Insitu, Inc. in Bingen, Wash., conducting workshops in the areas of leadership and workplace communication. During her professional career, she has served in marketing and communication positions in the areas of commercial aviation and economic development. For two years, she served as manager of transborder air service development for the Canadian federal government in Ottawa. She holds a B.A. in Journalism, an M.A. in International Studies, and an M.A. in Communication. She and her husband live in Dufur.



Portland State University

Master of Arts in Communication Studies, 2002

University of Oregon

Master of Arts in International Studies, 1995

University of Oregon

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, 1985


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