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Technology Tools


Accessibility - Making Resources Easier to Use

     Documents can be modified so that all users have equal access.

Classroom Technology - Smart Classrooms

     Podiums systems are available in most classrooms with an integrated system that includes a computer,

     projector, screen, interactive whiteboard monitor (Starboard), document camera, and DVD player.

Learning Management System - Moodle

     Moodle is a learning management system used to deliver online, hybrid and online

     component classes

Video:  Computer Screen Recording - Camtasia

     Camtasia, available in all smart classrooms, can be used to record audio with any kind of visual on  a   

     computer screen, including powerpoint and webtours.

Video:  Film Media - Videos Made with a Camera

     Video production is organized by project.  Much of the filming occurs at the annual CGCC Video Camp.

Webconferencing software - Elluminate (now called Collaborate)

     This software is available on the web for account users to create webinars.  Features include desktop sharing, text

     chat window, webcam, and session recording.





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