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Green Technician Certificate Outcomes


Individuals who complete the one-year Green Technician Certificate will:

  1. be multi-skill, systems thinkers and problem solvers
  2. be prepared for a broad array of green occupations across a variety of diverse
    industries, such as green energies production, equipment manufacturing (such as solar panel, wind turbine, wave energy, bio-energy component), construction and installation, monitoring and repair, building retro-fitting, process recycling, hazardous materials removal work and others.
  3. have a fundamental understanding of sustainability, green technologies, process
    improvements/elimination of waste, and an overview of various careers in green tech.
  4. be able to demonstrate the applied reading and workplace math skills needed on-thejob, as well as the workplace skills employers need: critical thinking, problem solving, team work, etc.
  5. possess a unique set of entry-level electrical, mechanical, and heating/cooling systems skills- as taught through the lens of green energy and energy efficiency - that will allow graduates to learn quickly on the job and be prepared for success in advanced programs of study.

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