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Standard One Evidence

1.A Evidence

EV 1.A.1.1 Board Minutes August 2003
EV 1.A.1.2 Academic Master Plan 2005-08
EV 1.A.2.1 Mission, Vision, Values and Key Focus Areas
EV 1.A.2.2 Designing Flyers Workshop Agenda
EV 1.A.2.3 2009 CGCC Faculty and Staff Survey
EV 1.A.3.1 2008-09 College Catalog
EV 1.A.3.2 2008-09 Class Schedules:

EV 1.A.3.3 2008-09 Student Handbook
EV 1.A.3.4 2007-08 Student Profile
EV 1.A.3.5 CGCC Board of Directors Agenda and Minutes, September 9, 2008
EV 1.A.3.6 Report on Audit of Financial Statements/Supplementary Info, Yr Ended 6/30/08
EV 1.A.3.7 CGCC Board of Directors Agenda and Minutes, January 13, 2009
EV 1.A.3.8 Schedule of Director/Coordinator Presentations to the Board of Directors
EV 1.A.3.9 President's Information:

EV 1.A.4.1 Nursing Support:

EV 1.A.4.2 Renewable Energy Technology Support:

EV 1.A.5.1 Application Packets:

EV 1.A.5.2 2008 Summer-Fall Schedule
EV 1.A.5.3 Human Resources FAQs
EV 1.A.5.4 Job Requisition Form
EV 1.A.5.5 Hiring Checklist
EV 1.A.5.6 Screening Committee Pledge Form
EV 1.A.6.1 Hood River News Articles on Indian Creek Cleanup:

EV 1.A.6.2 Committee List
EV 1.A.6.3 Golf Tournament Three Year Comparison
EV 1.A.6.4 CGCC Staff and Faculty Contributions to Foundation


1.B Evidence

EV 1.B.1.1 ELT Planning Session October 12-13, 2006
EV 1.B.1.2 Strategic Planning Groups – Master List
EV 1.B.1.3 Strategic Plan, 2007
EV 1.B.1.4 2008-09 Strategic Plan
EV 1.B.1.5 Academic Master Plan 2005-08
EV 1.B.1.6 Facilities Committee Notebook, Space Utilization Study Volume 1 & 2
EV 1.B.1.7 Facilities Master Plan Volume 1 & 2
EV 1.B.4.1 Institutional Assessment Committee Mission and Goals
EV 1.B.4.2 Institutional Assessment Committee Flow Chart
EV 1.B.4.3 FACT Final Report
EV 1.B.4.4 Delivery of Instruction Survey 2008
EV 1.B.4.5 Delivery of Instruction Survey 2008, Spanish
EV 1.B.4.6 Delivery of Instruction Survey Results 2008
EV 1.B.4.7 Delivery of Instruction Survey Results 2008, Spanish
EV 1.B.7.1 2007-08 Student Profile
EV 1.B.7.2 2008 Institutional Effectiveness Indicators Report
EV 1.B.7.3 2008 Community College Survey of Student Engagement
EV 1.B.7.4 Oregon Community College Unified Reporting System (OCCURS)
EV 1.B.7.5 2008 Campus Crime Report
EV 1.B.7.6 Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)



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